who do we work with?

wealth creation, gearing into property, gearing into shares, property investment, ASX, share investmentWe work with clients across a range of public and private sectors including local government, the arts, professional services, psychology, counseling, cafe owners, emergency services, health services, life coaching, legal, information technology, project management, real estate, training and education.


Working as a consultant can be a rewarding and exciting process but often you have to consider other elements of your overall financial plans such as income protection in the event of accident or illness or your longer term superannuation planning or borrowing needs.

What ever your life stage, Money Mechanics can assist with creating a plan which is focused on you.

Public Servants

Whatever your life stage is as an employee with the local or Commonwealth Public Service, from graduates to pre-retirees the team at Money Mechanics can assist you with planning for the relevant life events and stages.

Using our unique advice approach we can provide advice on all areas from cash flow matters, including salary sacrifice strategies, to your first home purchase, starting or continuing your wealth creation plans by building your property and share portfolio. To the complexities of creating an appropriate back up and estate plan for the protection of you and your family.

We have a specialist knowledge of the defined benefit superannuation schemes of the Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme (CSS), Public Sector Defined Benefit Super Scheme (PSS), Military Super Scheme, Defence Force Retirement & Death Benefits Scheme (DFRDB) and Public Sector Accumulation Plan (PSSap).

Small Business Owners

We work with small business clients at any life stage of business.  From the development and conception phase, start-up phase, growth phase, maturity phase or retirement phase.  We can assist with advice on your personal financial plans in light of your overall business goals and plans for the future.  Cash flow can be an important part of being in small business and we have a range of tools to assist small business owners in structuring their cash flow to live today but also save for the future.

Not-For-Profit Boards and Other Organisations

We work with a number of not-for-profit organisations and Boards to ensure governance around their financial controls as well as development of investment strategy policy and procedures.  We have worked with organisations from the development and conception phase, start-up phase, growth phase and maturity phase.  We can assist with advice on getting collective and conscious strategic thinking within the organisation from the Board to the Staff in relation to financial matters and investments of the organisation.  Maximising the Financial and People resources in this sector are important and we have been able to improve the income returns to provide further resources to achieve the vision and mission of the organisations we have worked with.

Self Funded Retirees

As a self funded retiree your investment assets and the strategy implementation and implications are important to your long term livelihood.  We have worked with self funded retirees from public sector and business backgrounds to structure an appropriate strategy focused on your income and capital requirements.

Our advice approach means you can choose how we work together on a one-off or ongoing basis depending on your needs and required level of service and advice.

Self Managed Super Fund Trustees (SMSF)

We can assist trustees at any phase of the SMSF Life cycle including:

  • Establishment of your SMSF;
  • Creation and documentation of your investment strategy;
  • Consolidation of your super assets;
  • Salary Sacrifice and save tax;
  • Transition to Retirement (TTR) Strategies
  • Setting up Reserving Strategies to meet your estate and family wealth plans;
  • Manage and pass wealth to future generations in a tax effective manner;
  • Wind up of your SMSF.

As specialist advisers with the Self Managed Super Fund Professionals Association of Australia (SPAA) we can assist you with advice at any lifestage of your Self Managed Super Fund.  Our unique advice approach means we can work with clients on a once off advice arrangement to keep you up to date on legislative changes or ongoing advice services to assist with annual investment review, taxation and financial statement reporting and compliance requirements.  Our fixed fee structure means you know what services you are paying for in a transparent way.


For some the ability to retire using own funds is not possible.  We have experience with clients who have centrelink benefits from disability support, aged pensions to seniors health care cards and aged care requirements.  There are many tips and traps as well as benefits and limitations to all financial strategies.  We can guide you through these and develop and outcome suitable for your needs to achieve peace of mind and maximise your income in retirement.